Delivering the Message

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If communication is to work, we need to have the right message and the right messenger. The timing must be appropriate and unnecessary obstacles should be avoided. We may need to be direct on some points and diplomatic on others and we’d better know the various audiences because there is seldom only one.


The importance of Team Calendars to Confluence

Communications, in a complex project management environment is vital to achieve good results. Thus, having a calendar that aggregates all the information relevant to the project team is a key advantage in an increasingly competitive business world.

Michael Sampson made a good reflection about this question here!

Mastering the Basics of Project Management: Writing Better e-mails

Project managers are a very special breed of people. They are in much demand and will be increasingly so as the need for effective technologists continues to soar. Good technology project managers are trained, not born. They develop skills through experience and education. They become better project managers each time they successfully deliver a project. They learn new techniques and apply them on their projects. They learn lessons— sometimes the hard way — to be better managers in the future.

Leading people – the experiential side of project management – is as important as task-based skills according to project managers in Europe, the Middle East, India, America and Australasia.In recent research they said that communication is a critical skill for project success, both for keeping team members up-to-date and for winning the support of key stakeholders. Know how to write effective e-mails can make things easier for you. Let’s see how to do this.

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