Do You Know the 4D Project Management Model?

The 4D model is an exciting new approach to the discipline for the management of complex projects. You can find a brief introduction in the presentation below:

Soon I will write an article on this subject, but I leave here one question: Do you believe that the PMI methodology is with  its days numbered?


Reflections about Leadership

Nicholas Bate has some important reflections about Leadership. An excerpt:

  1. Leadership is not about job title, job grade, position in the structure chart nor special parking place. Leadership is about mindset. Leadership is about does your manner, your voice, your tone and what you say encourage people to do their best work? And does your track-record suggest you have a right to say such things?
  2. Leadership is a tough and lonely job in which many will not like you all of the time. That’s why you’re a leader: to steer a path which many are not sure they can maintain because of lack of strength or too many distractions or too many seductions.

Make sure to read all the list!

Something Beyond Your Confort Zone

Good read from Marci Harris, founder and CEO at POPVOX, Inc. An Excerpt:

Age 22 brings a powerful blend of ambition, confidence, energy — and for many, a less-than-exact idea of where to focus that energy beyond a vague aim to do “something awesome.” That “something awesome” is never easy and always sits just outside your comfort zone.

It turns out that venturing to the edge of your comfort zone (and beyond) is not a haphazard thing. It is a cycle. There is a process. You can get good at it. You can start to feel “comfortable” outside of the comfort zone. But, at 22, sometimes it’s hard to know when to speak and when to listen; when to color in the lines and when to paint on the walls.

Here´s the link for the entire article. A must read!

Expiration Date for CEOs?

“I sometimes wonder if it would make sense for companies to set formal 7 to 10 year “term limits” on their Chief Executive Officers. Doing so would have several advantages:

  1. For every genius forced out, there would be far more executives who reached their peak performance years before the departure date. The term limit would be the board’s safety net, permitting an exit without rancor”.

Michael Wade in Term Limits for CEOs?

How to be a Strategic Leader and Why it is so Important to You Career

My new article at

There is a cliché in the business culture that tend to recognizes the strategic leader as one who has great ideas, talk a lot, is charismatic But in the end reaches very few practical results. To gather respect as a true strategic leader you need to work in conducts that accomplish the tension between achieve the routine daily tasks and the success in the long term. You must facilitate other’s strategic activities, too, by providing an equilibrium of management and independence, of learning from actions and rewarding appropriate risk-taking.

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Lessons on How to Avoid a Corporate Zombie Apocalypse

From my article, on LinkedIn:

Instead of meat, corporate zombies have an insatiable appetite for power and influence. They usually gravitate their leaders and managers with an almost canine loyalty. In general, they accomplish their daily tasks with great speed and efficiency, essential requirement in order to remain active. Do not be fooled thinking that corporate zombies are only young professionals. You can find them at all levels and divisions. They are project manager, seniors VPs, CEOs, HR department people, team managers and are often aims to hire other corporate zombies to increase their army. This description did you remember some people, isn´t it?

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Risk is Our Business

Do you ever thing that Project Management is all about identify, report, managing and mitigate risks and the real reason we need to do risk management is not so much to survive our risks, but to enable risk-taking?

The video below is useful to encourage our efforts in integrating Risk Management with the WBS, Integrated Master Plan and Integrated Master Schedule.

Risk is definitely our business, my friend, and Risk Management is how Adults Manage Projects – Tim Lister IBM Fellow. How you use to manage and track your project’s risks? What techniques do you use? Let your advises in the comments below, please.