Tutorial: Introducing the Oracle Primavera P6

Most of project managers are used to use a version of Microsoft Project to manage their project. However, other powerful tools can also be used for the same purpose. Today I want to introduce one. Oracle Primavera P6

I consider Primavera P6 less intuitive and friendly when compared to Microsoft Project, but it is a good tool for more complex projects, where the control of the workforce requires a more fine-tuning. Do you often use this software in your projects? If yes, what is your opinion about it?


From A to B: What happens when you send something by mail?

What happens in between you sending it of and someone else receiving it? What people and processes are involved and how many steps does it takes?

This is the question that Ruben van der Vleuten tries to answer putting a hidden camera into a package and sent by mail. See the results below;

Very interesting! You can read more about this trial right here!