Think about it!

We always believe that thinking is something as simple and natural as breathing, speaking or walking. However, things are not so simple. To think, in the strict sense requires method, discipline and above all courage. The great Nicholas Bate has 14 unmissable tips on this subject. An excerpt:

  1. A skill
  2. Become rock star good at it
  3. Proactive: what do I need to anticipate?
  4. Critical: what do I need to do better?
  5. Lateral: what do I need to do differently?

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Did You Already Schedule your ‘Monastery Day’?

Presently the days, weeks, months and years go by too quickly! Because of the crazy routine in which we live, just give us the luxury of giving us time to think. The great Michael Wade talks exactly about that:

Pick a day, any day, preferably once a month but at least bi-monthly. Pick only one day so you won’t feel guilty or self-indulgent. Schedule it as your Monastery Day.

Don’t waste more time, you’ve already lost enough! Schedule your ‘Monastery Day’ right now!

Ethics, that’s it!

An excerpt:

Would the following describe an attractive job?

Power? Check.
Prestige? Check.
Reasonable pay? Check.
Strong benefits program? Check. (…)

Do you really want a job like this, don’t you? in this case, let’s think a little bit more about it. Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality—that is, concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice, etc.

Execupundit points out a truth which does not always pay much attention, because the ‘world of things’ is always more tempting than the ‘world of principles’. Do you still want that ‘job’?