Think about it!

We always believe that thinking is something as simple and natural as breathing, speaking or walking. However, things are not so simple. To think, in the strict sense requires method, discipline and above all courage. The great Nicholas Bate has 14 unmissable tips on this subject. An excerpt:

  1. A skill
  2. Become rock star good at it
  3. Proactive: what do I need to anticipate?
  4. Critical: what do I need to do better?
  5. Lateral: what do I need to do differently?

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Reflections about Leadership

Nicholas Bate has some important reflections about Leadership. An excerpt:

  1. Leadership is not about job title, job grade, position in the structure chart nor special parking place. Leadership is about mindset. Leadership is about does your manner, your voice, your tone and what you say encourage people to do their best work? And does your track-record suggest you have a right to say such things?
  2. Leadership is a tough and lonely job in which many will not like you all of the time. That’s why you’re a leader: to steer a path which many are not sure they can maintain because of lack of strength or too many distractions or too many seductions.

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Time to Spring Clean

Always the incomparable Nicholas Bate. An excerpt:

  1. Systems: review all your systems. Your flight deck for maximum visibility of your critical priorities at a glance; your money management for indebtedness to no man; your wellness for peak focus, energy and resourcefulness.
  2. Stuff: declutter. And then again. Travel light: think more easily, more richly and more quickly.

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Things to Write Down. Now!

Kurt Harden talks about it at Cultural Offering. NIcholas Bate, by his turn, offers a great Writing 101 list. From my experience, I can let to you an advice: choose and buy a  great Moleskine notebook, a good 2B pencil or a good pen and start to write right now. This is the kind of thing able to change the way you face the world!