Four short links: 08 April 2013

An essential reading to inspire your morning
  1. Firefox Looks Like it Will Reject Third-Party Cookies (ComputerWorld) — kudos Mozilla! Now we’ll see whether such a cookie policy does deliver a better user experience. Can privacy coexist with a good user experience?
  2. RIP, The Cameron Project – I can remember when I first heard Tony Blair speak on the floor of the House of Commons as shadow home secretary. Even then, I detected something phony about Tony, something that didn’t quite ring true. It must have been just me because he won and won big. In addition, he had broken the mould.
  3. The Smiths Albums Reimagined As Vintage Books (PICTURES) – So imagine our delight when we found this photographic series by London designer Standard Designs, which reimagines classic albums by The Smiths, New Order and Joy Division as collections of vintage books – with each book being a song on the album, and the spines being arranged in track order:
  4. Nasa Plans To Lasso Asteroid Closer To Earth – Nasa is planning to lasso an asteroid and park it near the moon to study as part of a a new ambitious mission, the White House has confirmed. It might sound like a science fiction movie, but President Obama is expected to put $100 million aside for the asteroid rodeo in next week’s budget.

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