Should Project Managers Share Their Stress?

HBR published a interesting article about how Project Managers should share their information and brig all news – and stress, maybe – to their project teams. An excerpt:

Project managers tend to hold their cards pretty close to the vest. Sure, they may post or circulate some sort of general progress chart. But the telling, nitty-gritty details — percent complete, cost overruns, and so on — usually stay on a private little spreadsheet, safely tucked away in the PM’s files.

Sometimes this I’m-in-control-here approach is well intentioned. PMs feel they should shield their team members from potential bad news. Other times it’s a power trip. PMs make it plain that they’re the only ones who know the full story, so naturally they get to call the shots.

I agree with the authors: an open-book and transparent system are always a better way to deal with complex projects and great problems. Project management is never a wonderland and those who work in this area should be prepared to deal with the consequences. You can read the full article here!


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