Four short links: 19 March 2013

An essential reading to inspire your morning
  1. How Analytics Really Work at a Small Startup (Pete Warden) — The key for us is that we’re using the information we get primarily for decision-making (should we build out feature X?) rather than optimization (how can we improve feature X?).
  2. John Riccitiello Resigns: Electronic Arts CEO To Leave Company In July – Electronic Arts Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello has resigned, saying he was “accountable” for the company’s missing operational targets. Riccitiello will step down from his post as CEO and member of the board of directors on March 30, the video game company said on Monday- The question: Have you seen any of your smart people defending them or their actions aggressively? The BIG question: Have YOU defended yourself or your actions aggressively? I was recently at a pitch session where one of the founders gave a sub-optimal pitch and got sub-optimal ratings for his pitch. His first reaction – the judges don’t know the space well enough to judge him. In other words, he was right and the judges were wrong.
  3. Getting Sick and Getting Purged – On Friday I was one of three witnesses to testify before a House committee hearing on whether the cost of health insurance will be higher or lower for people who cannot obtain it through their employer when important provisions of the Affordable Care Act go into effect in a few months.
  4. How Good Is The Samsung Galaxy S4? Try Amazing – For those of us who thought the Galaxy S4 was a step up in smartphone specifications, there is the slow realization that Samsung have done more than that – so much more, if it delivers the range of features and services promised.

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