Four short links: 16 March 2013

An essential reading to inspire your morning
  1. EU leaders meet amid austerity debate – (Financial Times) — European leaders arrived in Brussels on Thursday for a summit where the intensifying debate over the austerity-led response to the eurozone crisis was moving to centre stage even though the gathering was not expected to change the EU’s economic policy course.
  2. Dropbox acquires buzzy app Mailbox – In case you haven’t heard, Mailbox is the iOS app that everyone wants to get their grubby little paws on. The hip new e-mail app is an alternative interface for Gmail accounts (yes, it only works with Gmail). People who have used it love the gesture-based interface and the ability to “snooze” messages—this latter feature prompts a pop-up message to remind you to reply at some point in the future, like later in the day, later that night, or over the weekend.
  3. Immigration bill could favor skilled workers over relatives – An influential Republican senator involved in drafting a bipartisan immigration bill wants to lower the number of family members of U.S. citizens allowed to immigrate each year and instead increase the number of highly skilled workers.
  4. America’s Cities Are Innovating for the Future – History has shown, time and again, that from the ashes of economic upheaval come the potential sparks of massive-scale progress. Today is no different. After years of near-catastrophe at worst, and malaise at best, our economy is showing signs of shaking off some cobwebs and moving into a new future.

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