Four short links: 15 March 2013

An essential reading to inspire your morning
  1. Life as a draft – ( Many projects are never done.
  2. The Art of Graceful Disagreement – Agreeing to something when you don’t fully believe in it is not helping the other person as your heart is not there. That does not mean that things will always go as per your wishes. No, that’s not the point. In fact, as you grow and learn, there will be LOTS of things that you are not aware of.
  3. Textbooks R.I.P.? – (Cultural Offering) As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of OER options populating on the web. Some of them are ready to use without any applications needed. Students and teachers can simply load a website to access the material.”
  4. The Most Terrifying Drone Ever! Run Away! – When I began the day, I promised myself I wasn’t going to write about drones or anti-drone crusader and Guardian blogger Glenn Greenwald or the war on terrorism again, mainly because I covered the topic here last week and several more times elsewhere. But the drone topic continues to be fueled by misinformation and a considerable dose of hysteria.

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