Sad News: The End of Google Reader

This is sad news, at least for me. Google announced today that its feed reader, Google Reader, will be off at 31 July this year. Reader was Google’s web-based program that let people subscribe to news feeds from their favorite sites. That’s a shame, because Reader was pretty great.

While RSS has maybe seen its heyday come and go, Google Reader was notable not only for its features, but for the active community it fostered for which Reader wasn’t just another tool. Sure it was revolutionary in terms of function, but moreover it was beloved.

I’m a user of the service since its beginning in 2005 and have more than 5000 registered feeds. Feedly is planning to launch a clone of the service. It will give you the features, but I think that It’ll never be the same. But what about you? Were you a Google Reader user? Are you still? Will you miss it?


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