Four short links: 10 March 2013

An essential reading to inspire your morning
  1.  Will the real CIO please stand up? – The role of the CIO, the Chief Information Officer, has been debated about as long as the term in itself exists. Rarely before has there been such a misleading description, because in many companies the person assuming the position of CIO was rarely seen as the chief ‘Information’ Officer. People mostly perceived him as “Top Dog of the Nerd Herd and Boss of all things Bits and Bytes”.
  2. The world as one city – When we build models of the world, we often think of it broken down into pieces, such as cities, counties, and countries. In their newly funded project The City of 7 Billion, architects Joyce Hsiang and Bimal Mendis aim to model the world as one city, to study the impact of population growth on the environment and natural resources on a larger scale.
  3. How Twitter Knows So Much About You Before You’ve Even Signed Up – If you’ve been on Twitter for years, like many people in the tech and business world, it’s easy to forget what it was like signing up and using it for the first time. The truth is that learning to use Twitter was really hard back then, and many new users abandoned the service. In 2009, its retention rate was worse than MySpace, threatening its ability to grow to critical mass. Too many new users were simply too confused to stick around and learn how to read and write 140-character posts.
  4. Disposable Satellites (Forbes) — “tiny, near-disposable satellites for use in getting battlefield surveillance quickly […] launched from a jet into orbit, and within a few minutes […] provide soldiers on the ground with a zoomed-in, birds-eye view of the battlefield. Those image would be transmitted to current communications devices, and the company is working to develop a way to transmit them to smartphones, as well.”

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