Four short links: 07 March 2013

An essential reading to inspire your morning
  1. An update on in-memory data management -We wanted to give you a brief update on what we’ve learned so far from our series of interviews with players and practitioners in the in-memory data management space. A few preliminary themes have emerged, some expected, others surprising.
  2. Google+ gets even more visual. Check out the updated features. – A great cover photo, bio and avatar are even more important. How are yours looking?
  3. Let’s think about what we’re doing right – In The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, Steven Pinker compiles massive amounts of evidence to show that we are becoming a more civilized species. The principal yardstick he uses to measure progress is the steady decline, over millenia, in per-capita rates of homicide. But he also measures declines in violence directed towards women, racial groups, children, homosexuals, and animals.
  4. Stop Doing Something – I remember my time with the big company of Microsoft who, like many organisations, always had an annual employee survey. That wasn’t the only way to solicit feedback from staff. Another major one was 1:1s with your manager. This set up is like a viral mechanism for organisational metastasis where every round of feedback provided fresh fuel for new projects and administration.

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