You Know What You Need to Do!

Here are over connected nowadays: twitter, blogs, skype, gtalk, facebook, etc.; etc, but do you think that all this technology is a solving problems path or just given us an extra factor to make our lives a little bit more complicated? I think that the second option is the correct one. Kurt Harden addressed the exact point of this question! Check it out:

We substitute the comfort of connectedness with meaning of connection.  We send endless strings of emails back and forth to perpetuate problems which could be solved with a single phone call or ten minute conversation.

So I return my age-old advice:  Go to them.  When you are not happy with a business experience, don’t tweet your disdain, go to them and explain the problem.  Then ask for a resolution.

You can read the full article in his Cultural Offering blog, right here! Thanks, Kurt, for your lucid reflection. I fully agree with you!

And you, what do you think about it? Please, let your feedback on the comments of this post.


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