Four short links: 06 March 2013

An essential reading suggestions to inspire your morning
  1. The Big Challenge of American Small Talk – There’s nothing small about the role that small talk plays in American professional culture. People from other countries are often surprised at how important small talk is in the U.S. and how naturally and comfortably people seem to do it — with peers, subordinates, men, women, and even with superiors like Dr. Greer
  2. IMyth of the Free Internet (The Atlantic) — equity of access is an important issue, but this good point is marred by hanging it off the problematic (beer? speech? downloads?) “free”.
  3. Internet Of Everything: New Demands and Even Greater Opportunities – What an exciting time to be in the tech industry. We are at the beginning of a major transition to the mobile-cloud era. Trends like bring your own device (BYOD), access anywhere, virtualization, and machine-to-machine connections have given way to a new breed of applications.
  4. Why Mobile Twitter Users Are Different – Here’s what your business needs to know about Twitter users who favor a mobile device most of the time, according to new research. With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, most people access social networks via mobile at least some of the time. But some people access social via mobile most of the time, and these users are unique in many ways, according to a new study by Twitter.

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