Four short links: 04 March 2013

An essential reading to inspire your morning
  1. Books Bought By Big Picture Readers – Once again, its time to peruse the data to see which books TBP readers bought last month. Amazon’s embed code lets me track every click from these links — how many people look at the page, how many books get seen, and/or collectively purchased.
  2. Smart Leaders and the Power of Collaboration – Collaboration is the keystone of leadership success. Don’t believe me? Google > sequestration < Anyone? Last week in Washington we saw an infantile exercise in acting out. Driven by rigid ideology, inflated egos, and a desire for revenge that put party above country, potentially serious damage was self-inflicted on our economy by a stubborn few. This is not a political rant as much as it is a leadership call to action.
  3. 11 Steps to Decode the Creative Process – Imagine passing through a metro station in Washington DC at rush hour. Imagine watching a violinist with an open case and with a few dollars thrown around and playing a classical tune. Imagine thinking about a street musician making a living by playing music at the subway. Imagine reaching out into your pocket and throwing two quarters into the case as you hurry to catch your train.
  4. Here Are Some Of The Problems Google Is Having With Its Self-Driving Cars – It’s hard to tell which Google project the world is more excited about–Google Glass(es) or Google’s self-driving cars–but this frequent car-driver, anyway, can’t wait for the latter. (The Glasses sound cool, too, don’t get me wrong.). Google is making great progress with these cars: The cars have now been driven more than 300,000 miles, and there have been no accidents with a car under the computer’s control. (There was a widely publicized fender-bender in 2011, when one of the Google cars crunched into the car ahead of it, but the human driver was driving.)



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