Selling Hope!

 I totally agree with Hug Macleod: if you can sell hope, people will buy anything.

Many times, this is exactly what we do when we act as project manager: we sellhope to the people! For our customers, the hope that the project will finish within the agreed time and within estimated costs; to the project team, hope that they will have the necessary resources at the right time, in order to carry out their workwithout major problems. At last, we sell hope that the whole process is under ourstrict control over.

Just to be working with the expectations and hopes of those who trust in us is that we need, more than ever, we are aware of the great responsibility that exists in the post of project manager. Think about it!


2 thoughts on “Selling Hope!

  1. I think hope is very important, but what people really want is to be valued and appreciated. If you can make someone feel that they are truly needed, whether at work or at home, they will be more productive and happy. And selling it doesn’t work – it has to be authentic.

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