What to Do When Bad Things Happen?

Many times, both in our personal or professional life bad things happen. We struggle constantly against failure, unhappiness, and what many call the ‘unlucky’, but the inevitable always manages to surprise us: an unexpected illness, the resignation of a key member of project team; servers or routers that are not delivered within the time limit to complete a project of high importance, etc..

At these times, the important thing is to learn as much as possible from these seemingly negative situation What really matters is our ability to respond to the unexpected. Michael Hyatt has written an excellent text in this regard. A sample:

The bottom line is this: you can’t always choose what happens to you. Accidents and tragedies happen. But you can choose how you respond to those situations. One of the best ways to begin is to ask yourself the right question.

Question: Consider a negative situation in your life. Ask yourself, “What does this experience make possible?“

Facing things from a new perspective can change everything.  You can reach the complete text here. Think about it!

Thanks Cheri!


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