Tactics For Tough Times

Advises from the great Nicholas Bate, about how to face tough times. A sample:

  1. Cultivate a growing not stagnating CV. Keep updating and looking for fresh experiences to strengthen your CV. If the pool is even smaller you need to be even better.
  2. Learn the art of the covering letter. Recruiters are busy; the covering letter is the chance to give them what they are looking for. The full CV then reassures them.
  3. Learn the art of the exploratory call. Recruiters are busy: friendly, polite, exploratory follow-up calls can get you a job. But don’t be a pain.
  4. Build a proper network and help it, don’t just sit on it. Actively help it.Then when you need it someone, somewhere will be able to help you.
  5. Stay Fit. Fit means resilience. Resilience is needed in tough times.

Read the complete article here!


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