How to Manage Mistakes in a Better Way

Tanveer Naseer has a great article about how to well manage mistakes. A sample:

Of course, it’s not just children who can struggle with having to point out mistakes being made by others, especially when it’s an authority figure like a teacher or parent. Employees can also feel uncomfortable bringing to the attention of others problems or mistakes they see being made, particularly if those responsible for them serve higher up in their organization.

But this is where leaders can make a difference by providing a suitable environment where their employees can bring up and deal with the mistakes that inevitably occur, regardless of whose actions were responsible for creating the problem.

I agree with him. Many times, our role as manager or boss can be an inhibiting factor for many employees to report the problems they face in performing their tasks. It is our duty, therefore, create anenvironment of mutual trust between team members and especially to make clear that theanalysis of mistakes made during the execution of a project is a healthy practice and not result in any kind of punishment. After all, we are leaders, not dictators.


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