Silicon for a Smarter Planet

Great article by John Cohn Ph.D, talking about new technologies for a smarter world:

When you think about a Smarter Planet, you may not have chips in mind, but the fact is that semiconductors are critical to a world that is intelligent, interconnected and instrumented. And you may be surprised to discover that IBM provides the chips and chip technology making that happen – particularly in the products and applications we use every day.

You may already know that IBM’s Microelectronics Division(MD) – the organization I’m with – has been making IBM systems more intelligent for more than four decades. MD’s semiconductor technology is used to build the silicon ‘brains’ behind all of IBM’s high-end servers. In fact, we’re very proud that IBM’s wonderful Watson computer used 100’s of Microelectronics’ advanced 45-nanometer Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) chips to help it outwit its competition in the Jeopardy! challenge.

Don’t miss the video presentation, too:

You can read all the article here!


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