Some Causes of Project Failure

Michelle Symonds writes a great article talking about the 15 most common causes of Project Failure.An excerpet:

Many complex, long-term projects fail to live up to their promises and produce disappointing outcomes on completion. Some of these are well-known for exceeding their budgets or deadlines or both. Take London’s 2012 Olympics Project whose budget of over £9bn is triple the original estimate and whose contingency fund of nearly £3bn was almost entirely earmarked for certain tasks by as early as the first quarter of 2010, over 2 years before the deadline.

Read the full text here!


One thought on “Some Causes of Project Failure

  1. I believe that the trouble with government projects goes a lot deeper than the budget. I have a lot of friends working working for the government and basically what they say is they have to underestimate the budget in order to get the “go ahead” otherwise the project would not even get started. It is a stupid concept but that is how they managed to get things done.
    I do agree that when it comes to private projects blowing the budged can be a result of either or both poor planning and bad management. nevertheless I often see it is because the project scope is not really aligned with the goals are trying to achieve with the project.
    I am a bit skeptical about the comment that a training course such as PRINCE2 can help to solve the problems and avoid project failure. Yes I agree the methodology is great but that alone without a sensible manager will not do any miracles.You would probably be better off, with someone reasonable without the official training than the opposite.

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