Bradesco evaluates biometrics for online banking

After taking the biometrics for ATM, Bradesco – one of the biggest brazilian banks –  is studying a way to expand this system of recognition of transactions by account holders also in internet banking. The technology to be taken to the bank’s online authentication by reading the veins of the palm.

According to executive vice president of Bradesco, Laercio Albino Cezar, the bank is evaluating the development of a device with the Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu to identify the account holders on the Internet. “We want to create something that is not integrated into the client computer to use separately, as is the case of tokens,” he said in Ciab 2011.

The technology to be taken to the online bank is the same as PalmeSecure developed by Fujitsu, which runs today through ATMs. Albino Cezar explained that internet banking will be necessary to develop a smaller device the size of the tokens, which can be carried in your pocket.

The Bradesco executive said that the technologies are quite advanced and there is no technical barrier to the development of a device without the need of the red plastic base currently installed ATMs where account holders support the palm vein reading.

Biometrics at Bradesco

Bradesco, in Brazil, is a pioneer in the use of biometrics to recognize customers at ATMs. The PalmSecure began to be tested for three years and today the technology is present in 22 000 ATMs of total 32 000 equipment of the financial institution the bank throughout Brazil. “Our plan is by the end of 2012 Tues 100% of biometrics in ATMs,” says Albino Cezar. Currently, 4.6 million of the 235 million bank customers are registered to use the technology.

The bank’s plans to increase that number and begins next Monday in a campaign stating that the account holders are identified by reading the veins of the hands no longer need to use passwords or personal codes of numbers of cards.  “In three years, it was proved that this technology is safe and we are eliminating the other two passwords that were required,” says executive vice president of Bradesco. Besides this advantage, he points out that the bank will have an economy when the current passes only use biometrics.

With the use of the physical characteristics of their own depositors, the institution will not need to send the tickets by mail passwords to the clients home.


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