IBM: 100 Years Today!

Today, IBM celebrates his 100th Anniversary. If nowadays Google , Apple and Facebook get all the attention at IT world, the forgettable everyday tasks of technology — saving a file on your laptop, swiping your ATM card to get 40 bucks, scanning a litre of milk at the checkout line — that’s all IBM. After all, where would Groupon be without the supermarket bar code? Or Google without the mainframe computer?

They were kind of like a cornerstone of that whole enterprise that has become the heart of the computer industry in the U.S.,” says Bob Djurdjevic, a former IBM employee and president of Annex Research.

As well said Ed Brill, “On my nightstand sits one more component of this IBM Centennial, a copy of the book Making the World Work Better. I might have preferred it as a Kindle download, but I’m excited about the content. These writers have been around IBM for a long time, and they take a really broad bruch view of what we stand for and why we’re here. I encourage you to check it out. To my IBM colleagues — thank you for your service and for building our collective success. Here’s to the next 100 years!

I am proud to be an IBMer today! Happy Birthday, IBM!


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