11,600 Brazilian Passports Will Have to be Reissued

The Mint issued 11,601 passports with the chips fault identification data of Brazilian citizens and must be reissued. According to a document obtained by the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, the faulty passports were issued between March 2 and April 6 this year, totaling 170,000 documents.

According to the Mint and the Federal Police, so far 50% of the documents have beenexchanged and the remainder will go through a recall. Citizens are being asked to go towhere the passports were issued to make the replacement for free.

The fault identified is related to signal errors in the data graphs included in the citizen’schip, though the characters are printed correctly. According to the Mint and the PF, theerror causes the system to read “Jose”instead of “Joseph. ”

To avoid having problems reading the chip installed in your passport and boarding of passengers, immigration authorities are being informed about the error. The PF and the Mint, however, have not confirmed how long the exchange will be effected.

More informations at Info Magazine (in Portuguese)


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