Four short links: 14 June 2011*

  1. The Key To Community and Change Management: Engage your Ecosystem – I seem to only want to blog about emails at the moment, which I guess is OK. One of the mails I have in my hopper comes from the SAP Community Network (SCN). It’s an invitiation from Chip Rodgers, SCN vp and COO, to a call about a forthcoming platform migration for SCN.
  2. Facebook’s Growth Slows – Facebook‘s growth has become a thing of legend, but a recent report suggests it may have lost ground in parts of North America.
  3. RIM’s mobility management intentions – Research In Motion said recently that it will extend some of the secure mobile device management (MDM) capabilities of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to other mobile platforms later this year, starting with Apple iOS and Google Android.
  4. No end to innovation – The recent Interop show in Las Vegas was awash with big ideas and the latest and greatest technologies, a healthy sign that IT is alive and well and the industry is brimming with innovation.
*Original format by O’Reilly Radar

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