Bahia wins Intelligent Service Bus technology with IBM

Who uses the bus transportation in Salvador (State Capital from Bahia, Brazil) now has a new service and smarter. The Group Evangelista (GEVAN), which controls 35% of the fleet of Salvador with companies Axe Transport, Praia Grande, Joevanza, Boa Viagem and Union, has deployed a business intelligence system developed by Bahia Softwell Solutions with IBM technology. The system enables the real-time monitoring of the fleet and offers free internet for passengers. During the trip, you can now see e-mail, use instant messaging services – and navigate Web sites for news and entertainment.

The project, which automates all processes in the vehicle, also behind several advantages for transport companies, such as reducing operating costs, optimize revenue, improve safety and quality of services provided to users. The Gevan is betting on new technology since September last year when he began the first tests on some of its bus fleet to offer a unique service to passengers. “The project allows analysts and decision makers from the Group Gevan have quick access to historical and operational information, providing a more intelligent decision making on resource allocation and better service to passengers on its routes,” emphasizes Matheus Souza, vice- group’s president.

After tests on some of the lines (Platform – Pituba) of Praia Grande Transport, Gevan wireless installed in all vehicles of the line and, gradually, will install on all operating in Salvador. With increased security in bus passengers can enjoy the services with more ease, enjoying the journey time to speed up some work and talk in real time at no additional cost.

The solution was developed in Techbus Maker – the platform software development of Softwell – running on IBM architecture: software Cognos (Business Intelligence), Informix, DB2 (database) and even a software application server Websphere line, which Work as a source of information gathering system for business intelligence. The Cognos software allows the company to be able to automate processes such as the development of more efficient routes in terms of fuel usage and determining how the system is used by passengers in order to allocate buses, drivers and routes that meet the demand .

IBM is aware of changes that the world goes through and works to anticipate trends and deliver innovations that save resources and benefit the population. To sustain its growth, cities need to grow intelligently, through systems integration, optimization of resources and improvements in infrastructure and public services. With the solution of Softwell, Salvador is far ahead of many cities, making people’s lives,” says Ricardo Mansano, manager of IDR (ISV & Developer Relations), IBM Brazil.

To support the business management servers were installed in garages, as each vehicle received a special microcomputer, equipment, Wi-Fi and 3G networks, GPS, RFID Tag, Video Cameras, and two monitors with screens LCD to display information and media-based georeferencing (the location of the vehicle), which functions as a new revenue source for the company.

Smarter buses for a smarter world. That’s it!


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