2011 TheYear of Transformation OneHundred -TheDirector’sCut

Great and inspirational tips and thoughts by Nicholas Bate. A sample:

  1. Think Inside The Box. Get sorted out, first.
  2.  Get Rid Of The TVs. Create your own world. Not that of some soap.
  3. Get So Well, Change Is A Breeze. Easy…
  4. Hang Out With The Best And learn.
  5. Never, Ever Say Again: ‘I Don’t Have Time’ . You know that. Make choices.
  6. Pace Is Everything. Let’s get going: vamos!
  7. We Have Choice/s. Every minute of every day. Exercise them.
  8. Take Fun Seriously.
  9. See The World Differently.
  10. Need Less, Worry Less. Simple=beautiful.

Read the full list here! Read carefully and think a lot about it. It’s brilliant, as usual!


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