Cloud computing cheapens the IT tools cost for SMEs

Five million small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This is the number of companies in Brazil that fit this profile and also the number of customers that Microsoft hopes to gain from the development of management systems based on the concept of cloud computing (cloud computing). Through the so-called “cloud”, large software vendors have been approaching this niche who long ago had restricted access to these tools because of the impracticality of product prices.

The cloud, however, appears as the main factor of price reduction of software licenses and management services. “The dream is to make Microsoft’s cloud management products reach all small and medium enterprises. Many companies are buying computers and the market is eager for cloud services,” says Paula Bellizia, Marketing and Business Director at Microsoft.

According to data released this year by Gartner, investments in cloud computing services are among the ten investment priorities of CIOs by Brazil in 2011. In this scenario, the executives expect to adopt data services in the cloud faster than expected. Currently, 3% of corporations own most of their information technology (IT) in the cloud, but over four years, CIOs believe that this number will increase to 43%.

The reality shown in the report brings out the urgency and importance of adopting a new technological infrastructure and operations, primarily service-based cloud computing and virtualization. For this reason, both technologies were highlighted as a priority for CIOs for 2011, even if they’re viable means for the reduction of IT costs”, explains vice president of Gartner’s Executive Program for Latin America, Ione de Almeida Coco.

According to Aaron Painter, general manager of  Windows for the corporate sector, Microsoft has created two years ago in its portfolio products to meet SMEs’ It is clear that the cloud will lower the costs for business would cost more than before. We’ve two years by expanding our product portfolio for small businesses, “he says.

The company’s strategy to deliver its products to the Brazilian SMEs, whose department of information technology (IT) can not always envision the domestic demand for cloud services as a matter of high prices, is relying on the assistance of partners who work closest to companies profile with reduced investment. “We have partners who work in large centers in the country through direct contact or by the Microsoft Partner Network [channel relationship of the company],” said Paula Bellizi.

Another IT company is betting on the small and medium businesses is a provider of softwares Totvs. The company, whose focus is the SMEs development , has recently launched a package that combines two or more businesses into a single solution. The offering consists of software, infrastructure (housing or rental of hardware), technology and education (learning center).

The package allows various custom combinations. The main advantage of this offer are married the possibility of competitive negotiation, solutions, convenience and security of having a single supplier, in addition to a structured and safe delivery.

Flavio Balestrin, director of Supply and Distribution Company, the package is highly flexible and customizable. Customers can choose from its business segment, the products most suitable for your needs. We recommend a standard package that involves software, infrastructure, technology and education, but the client may choose to replace or add other products, “he explains.


In the telecom segment, another company that is seeking partners to expand its services to small and medium businesses is TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile). The carrier announced in May this year the strategy of forming partnerships with business entrepreneurs interested in the business of mobile working in small centers in the country to reach customers from the public and SME environments, creating a new kind of relationship franchisees.

We have interesting cases of partners throughout Brazil and entrepreneurs who want to show to be part of this team is exploring a market with great opportunities and providing returns in the short and medium term,” said the director of TIM Commercial Business in Sao Paulo Dennis Fowler.


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