Four short links: 3 June 2011*

  1. Google to abandon older browsers – People who use older versions of web browsers could see services start to malfunction as Google and others drop support for them.
  2. Hackers attack another Sony network – Sony has been hit by a second massive data breach, hackers claim, another potential embarrassment for a company that is struggling to restore its image following the loss of millions of credit card numbers through its PlayStation Network.
  3. What do you consider is your work? – In the most recent Productive Living, David Allen asks why so many knowlege workers don’t consider processing their inbox to be part of their work. It’s as if they consider processing their inbox to zero to be a luxury reserved for those who don’t get much input or don’t have anything better to do.
  4. 10 ‘What were they thinking?’ managerial moments – Even the best managers sometimes have a bad day — or a bad moment. Alan Norton shares some of the confounding, over-the-top managerial behavior he’s seen through the years.
*Original format by O’Reilly Radar

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