Four short links: 1 June 2011*

  1. Google 2015: what will it look like? – I worked at post-DOJ-spanked Microsoft. I saw firsthand how wimpy Bill Gates got (I had a lunch with him and Mike Arrington where we talked about whether Microsoft would let us acquire interesting new companies. “No way” was the basic answer. Funny that back then they could have purchased Skype for $2 billion, not listening cost them $6.5 billion).
  2. Scrubbing Calculator — clever UI for solving equations without needing to know how to solve equations. Imminent death of mathematics skill in the US predicted, film at 11. (via Dan Meyer)
  3. Ensuring your information is safe online – The Internet has been an amazing force for good in the world—opening up communications, boosting economic growth and promoting free expression. But like all technologies, it can also be used for bad things. Today, despite the efforts of Internet companies and the security community, identity theft, fraud and the hijacking of people’s email accounts are common problems online.
  4. The Three Essential Ingredients of Great Collaborations – Not long ago, people in Chrysler’s headquarters joked that four strangers in an elevator qualify as a “team.” So it goes with collaboration these days. No one works any longer, they collaborate. Collaboration leads to (of course!) innovation, engagement, creativity, and fulfillment. Good managers don’t direct, they “facilitate collaboration.” It makes the world go ’round.

*Original format by O’Reilly Radar


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