Santander starts to use IBM Cloud Computing solutions in Brazil

Santander will be the first Brazilian bank to use cloud computing in official form. The financial institution has received a contract for services IaaS – Infrastructure as a service – and PaaS platform as a service – with IBM. The correctness of the big blue was signed with Produban – IT infrastructure and data processing provider for the Spanish group.

The project cloud of Santander in Brazil has three phases: the first five months, the second 12 months and the third six months. The first phase – conducted from August to September last year – was aimed at developing an environment with standardized processes aimed at testing applications

The second phase – in progress – aims to identify eligible projects  for approval and production and add to PowerPseries platform, IBM. The third and final phase – expected to be completed in mid 2012 – the legacy environments eligible for the cloud model for migration. IBM Produban Isban and will also develop a standard process for projects to explore other models in the cloud, including desktop, storage and networks.

The bill also provides that the two companies – IBM and Produban-will attend in the cloud, initially, 150 developers, all of Brazil.  The objective is to attend, at least, 1500 professionals in the future. “Reducing waiting time for infrastructure is essential for us to have flexibility in the launch of banking products,” says Carlos Alberto Pinheiro,  Service Design and Architecture Produban superintendent.

Finally, it is the Isban-company responsible for developing systems of Santander SA – in the cloud model, conduct ‘proof of concept’ software development and simulation of problems in applications to support the new software architecture. The values ​​of the contract were not disclosed by the parties


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