The harmless dinosaur: can Microsoft still be a player in tablets?

Can Microsoft dethrone Apple and the iPad? I don’t think so!

The Citigroup, however, has a slightly different opinion about this question, which predicts that Microsoft can attain “a meaningful share of the market in 2013 and beyond,” according to a Reuters report. The Citigroup report notes that Apple shipped more than 15 million iPads last year, which accounted for nearly the entire market.



The Citigroup analysts also warned that Microsoft could stumble, yet again, in the market for tablet computers. “Of course this is dependent upon the company’s ability to deliver a competitive operating system on partner hardware that is priced competitively,” they wrote.

Citigroup suggests that Microsoft may release the new operating system on a tablet prior to desktop PCs. That would be a bold move by Microsoft to show that it is serious about the threat from Apple’s iPad. However, we must remember that years before Apple introduced the iPad, Otto Berkes and his team at Microsoft were working on devices called UltraMobile PCs that combined touch screens with a portable slate design. Introduced five years ago, they were too expensive and the technology wasn’t ready for mass adoption. We must not forget, too, the massive failure of Microsoft Zune

In the war against Apple, Microsoft – the harmless dinosaur – is constantly being defeated. I think that in the battle of the tablets the results will be the same.


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