Is Apple the real Mac security threat?

That is the subject of the last column by Robert X. Cringely at InfoWorld. An excerpt:

For years it was unavoidable. All you had to do was write something about a malware infection on a Windows machine — an article, a blog post, a question on a support forum — and some smug Apple fanboy would inevitably pipe up: “I have a solution: Get a Mac!”

The fanboys won’t be so smug anymore, and neither will Apple Inc., now that tens of thousands of Mac machines have been infected with rogue Mac Defender “scareware.”


Ed Bott (again) reproduced a copy of an internal Apple memo dated May 16 instructing support techs to not acknowledge any instances of malware infections or help users in solving them. The instructions were summarized thusly:

  • Do not confirm or deny that any such software has been installed.
  • Do not attempt to remove or uninstall any malware software.
  • Do not send any escalations or contact Tier 2 for support about removing the software, or provide impact data.
  • Do not refer customers to the Apple Retail Store. The ARS does not provide any additional support for malware.

Read the full article here! I fully agree, of course!


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