Four short links: 26 May 2011*

  1. Seven Reasons People Will Retweet You – We all want to get retweeted. It’s one of the most effective ways to spread your influence and reach. Unfortunately, we have very little control over when and how often we get retweeted.
  2. Geek Pride Day: Why it’s OK to let your geek flag fly (Charts) – As you might imagine, we here at GeekWire gave a lot of thought to the meaning of the word “geek” when we were coming up with a name for this site. We ended up settling on something along the lines of the definition put forth by this Venn diagram.
  3. The Management of Disruptive Innovations – The management of disruptive innovations is very different when looking at relatively simple or self-contained technologies, products or services versus highly complex platforms and infrastructures.
  4. Billions of people want the super brand religion – Today the world has 6.92 billion people. They all wake up and look for the sun in the sky. They also look up at super brands and aspire to belong. The future is bright for brands that evolve their buyers into passionate advocates. Loyal consumers who buy without question. These are consumers who are worth their weight in gold.

Original format by O’Reilly Radar


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