Four short links: 25 May 2011*

  1. Develop Microsoft Surface apps. Without a Surface – Surface 2.0 is still one of the coolest technologies I have seen this year – largely down to the PixelSense technology it employs to shave 20 some inches of depth of Surface.
  2. 20 creative guerrilla marketing campaigns – First one is: Superette – Short shorts. The bench that turns you into a walking advertisement if you are wearing short shorts.
  3. How Does Social Media Apply to You? – I dare you to take five minutes and scan the headlines on Alltop’s Social page. You’re going to see a heck of a lot of articles with words in them that probably don’t make sense to you.
  4. How to Import Your AIM Buddies into Google Talk – AIM has integrated their instant messaging service with Google Talk, allowing you to talk to your friends on both protocols with only one login. Here’s how to import all your AIM buddies into Google Talk in one fell swoop.

Original format by O’Reilly Radar


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