Four short links: 24 May 2011*

  1. Book Review: Change Anything – it is a fascinating book. Having long held the usual assumptions about willpower, I was impressed with the counter-arguments that willpower, to a certain extent, is ineffective because it is not combined with a multi-faceted strategy.
  2. Facebook and Twitter: Treat them like your kids – Just as parents need to treat their various kids differently, but fairly, so do professionals need to deal with Twitter and Facebook using a separate but equal approach. Here are some suggestions.
  3. Ins and Outs of Using Gadgetry – It’s time to publish the first installment of what should be the Big Book of Basic Technology Knowledge — the prerequisite for using electronics in today’s society.
  4. Developer Segmentation: Tell Me What You Think. Or How the Web “Killed” the Professional Developer –  have been giving a fair bit of thought lately to app developer segmentation. Considering how much money is poured into developer relations, its surprising just how little solid segmentation work has been done in terms of understanding developer roles or personae.
*Original format by O’Reilly Radar

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