50 Things to remember

Some days ago, Nicholas Bate talks about the things we must forget. Now, he show us the thing that we have to remember:

  1. A full moon over the desert really reminds you that you live not in a town nor a city nor a country but on a planet. How cool is that?
  2. Life Is Good.
  3. You will do your best work when it is hardest to do your best work. There is only one Blood On The Tracks, one Rocky, one Yesterday. Relish that time when it is tough, damn tough.
  4. Put away your phone and observe.
  5. Sunsets.
  6. Other people have worries, too.
  7. Success=start.
  8. Belt and shoe colours really do matter with a Gent’s suit. Seriously.
  9. Her birthday.
  10. There will always be more to do. Stop, go home. Relax.

See the complete list here!


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